The European Green Vehicles Initiative Association (EGVIA) is an international non-profit making association engaged with the European Commission into the EGVI cPPP in order to represent the private side of the partnership.

Created in 2013, EGVIA currently regroups 99 members from the automotive, smart systems and smart grid industries as well as research centres and universities. The association is continuously growing, testifying the attractiveness of the EGVI cPPP in the road transport community.

Using the wide stakeholders’ base of the European Technology Platforms ERTRAC, EPoSS and Smart Grids, the association is bringing together all relevant companies, institutions, research organisation, university and sector association dealing with relevant research and development activities in the fields covered by the partnership.

Since 2015, EGVIA is chaired by Stephan Neugebauer from BMW, also Chairman of ERTRAC – the European Technology Platform for Road Transport.

While the publication of calls for proposals as well as evaluation, selection and management
of funded projects is under the sole responsibility of the European Commission services, following the Horizon2020 regulation, the Association is:

Formalising the work amongst the interested members of the private side of the cPPP.

Delivering viable research topics recommendations across the community.

Collaborating with the European Commission services for the implementation of the Framework Programme.

Contributing to the monitoring of the programme and
evaluation the efficiency of the activities.

Building communication channel with the Member States and the research community across Europe.